Please inform yourself of your version of curriculum ("Studienplanversion") of your degree programm at the respective Studies Service Center, and therefore of the courses and examinations that you need, as well as requirements for them!

You should not and partly can not take courses and examinations in random order. Some require certain qualifications and requirements due to study law. Some are more basic, others are more advanced.

Please consider that there are various options of examinations for some courses, especially concerning "Philosophical Anthropology" and "Philosophical Theology", depending on the degree programme and version of curriculum.

Please inform yourself of the subjects of examination, subject matter and course downloads. These "Gliederungsblätter" and "Materialblätter" are available here. Examinations refer to the latest version of a course.  

There is also compensatory learning material available ("Ersatzlernstoff für Berufstätige") in case you are not able to attend a course / lecture. Please don't rely on written notes by other students, they are not authorized by the teachers and often of poor quality.

Please note that courses and examinations are mostly held in German and that course downloads are in German as well. Oral examinations can be taken in English and Spanish with Prof. Hans Schelkshorn, in English with Prof. Michael Hofer and Markus Riedenauer.

TEMPUS - Electronic Timetable for Oral Tests at the Faculty of Catholic Theology

  • Since 2017, appointments for oral examinations at the KTF (Faculty of Catholic Theology) have been made exclusively via the electronic timetable TEMPUS.
  • The login to TEMPUS is done via the university weblogin (u: account and password), registration is not necessary.
  • An appointment in TEMPUS requires a valid examination registration via U:SPACE.
  • Entry into the electronic timetable TEMPUS is possible 2-6 days before the respective examination date.
  • In case of a deregistration in U:SPACE, please cancel your appointment in TEMPUS as well.
  • If more time slots are needed, please contact the department - in case of the department of Intercultural Philosophy of Religion: agnes.leyrer@univie.ac.at
  • Link to TEMPUS

Rights and Duties concerning examinations

  • Registration for examinations in time is obligatory and binding, as well as deregistration / cancelling. You find the deadlines at the sector of each teacher. If you are registered for an examination but just don't show up without notification, you might get blocked for the next examination date by the director of studies ("Studienprogrammleiter"). See regulations of study law below. Besides, it is unfair towards your colleagues, the teachers and staff of administration. 
  • Please consider a registration for an examination as well as an examination attempt carefully. Time is precious, for all of us.
  • On the other hand, you shall not feel urged to take an exam. Please cancel last-minute in case of need or disease via e-mail: agnes.leyrer@univie.ac.at or phone: 0043-1-4277-30701.

Detailed information on study law and the statutes of the University of Vienna: